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Booster Club December Newsletter 1998

We’re underway! The sweaty shirts, shorts and socks are piling up, and so are the bumps and bruises. The varsity has looked good in their first few tournaments, while the JV and Modified teams are anxiously awaiting their first matches. It looks like another exciting year.

The Booster Club has been busy gearing up for the season as well. We held a Booster Club meeting Dec. 1 and discussed a number of topics including fundraising, the Booster Club calendar, the clothing sale, and publicity. So far all of our plans appear to be on track.

We received eighty warm-up sweatshirts and donated them to the athletic department. We allocated twenty sweatshirts to four teams. They will be included with the school warm-ups and must be returned with the uniform at the end of the season. Unfortunately with the tremendous number of wrestlers on the Johanna Perrin team this year, we won’t have enough sweatshirts for everyone. I apologize to those wrestlers but I didn’t expect the big turnout. We will plan to cover this next year.

The car wash we held on November 22 was a tremendous success. We made over $800, which was more than our goal. Many thanks go out to Key Bank for letting us use their facility and to the wrestlers, coaches, and parents who helped out. We are still collecting Booster Club dues from anyone who wishes to pay. This will entitle you to count this year towards the Senior Scholarship the Booster Club awards. This is our only other individual fundraiser and gives us some money to work with during this year.

The wrestling schedules have been firmed up and we had to make changes to a few of the Booster Club events at the home dual meets. Opening Day for the varsity will be Wed. Dec 30 against Irondequoit. This is over the holiday break. We will be hosting Modified Night on Mon. Jan 4 against Eastridge, Student Body Night on Wed. Jan. 13 against Webster, and Senior Day on Sat. Feb. 6 against Victor. We are currently working on Student Body Night. If you know anyone who may donate any prizes please let me know. Winterfest ’99 is set for Sun. Jan. 24, and the Modified Pizza Party will be Thu. Feb. 11. The Wrestling Banquet is confirmed for Sun. March 14. We hope you can plan to attend all of these events.

The wrestling clothing order was processed. We ran into two problems that may impact the delivery by Christmas, but as of right now we expect to have everything delivered by Wed. Dec. 23rd. We unexpectedly had to change the vendor we were working with. Fortunately, the people we dealt with last year could get everything we wanted to order, except for the sweatshirt. We were able to substitute a different sweatshirt and contacted everyone who ordered one. The price on everything was basically the same. We will call as soon as the clothes arrive.

We are trying to get as much publicity as we can for the teams this year. We have made arrangements for FACT-12 to tape a couple of the varsity matches this year. The Perinton Post is publishing articles we submit weekly. These articles are also posted on the Fairport Wrestling web site to keep families, friends, and alumni out of town linked to the team’s success. The web site can be found at We could use someone to write articles for the JV team and the Modified teams. We are also putting together a program to hand out at the four home matches.

We provided the athletic department with some new banners for the gym walls. We received three new banners to recognize the program’s past successes complements of John Sozio. The 1977-78 team was Section V Class A Champions. The 1976-77 team won the Eastern Division and the 1990-91 team was Division I Co-Champions. We also donated an American flag from Louise Slaughter’s office to permanently hang on the gym wall.

I hope as many parents as possible can join us to plan and participate in these activities. We have a team parent from the JP Modified team and we are still looking for a team parent from Martha Brown. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the sport and the program. Our next meeting is Tuesday Jan. 5, at 7:30 p.m. From what I’ve seen, our wrestlers will be very competitive at all levels this year. That’s a tribute to the coaches and wrestlers that have put an awful lot of hard work into the season already. Please join us in providing our wrestlers with the utmost support, both on and off the mat, so they can have fun and be as successful as they can be.

Let’s Go Raiders,

Greg Tellex
President, Fairport Wrestling Booster Club